About the pollinators

As Plain Honey’s pollinators, we edit and commision the work for our respective combs.
In spite of our freedom, we all serve the queen.

anti-orpheus "Orpheus, the son of Oeagrus, they sent back from Hades unfulfilled; and though they showed him a phantom of his wife, for whom he had come, they did not give her very self to him, because it was thought he was soft like the lyre player he was, and had not dared to die for love like Alcestis, but contrived to go into Hades alive. Consequently, they imposed a punishment on him, and made him die at the hands of women, and did not honor him as they had Achilles, the son of Thetis."

-Phaedrus, Plato’s « Symposium »

H.B. is a refugee who's misplaced his loyalties. if anyone finds them - he's put a bounty on their heads so please shoot on sight and bring their smelly corpses for a much deserved reward. though born in sin, soon after he happened to step in some angel dung that refuses to wipe clean or stop complaining ever since. Most importantly - though all appearance to the contrary - he ain't a commie. whatever you do - don't confuse him with the pencil. he hates that.

J.R. is hard at work. He gave up on form, so…there’s that to deal with. He also is becoming more comfortable with the identifying marks Yankee and Jew. However, he remains a self-hating heterosexual. He RECEIVED his degree from the pale-white dainty class-drenched pissy sex-crazed dreary basically Catholic city of London.

le manque Fancying himself an Oedipal free agent, le manque is a professional amateur, forever oscillating between two lurid desires: 1) to speak with village-idiot clarity about absence and 2) to speak with pot-smoker ambiguity about plenitude. Most days you can find him smoking dryer sheets dipped in paint thinner and yelling at his colleagues at Brown University, where he pursues a PhD in humanity.

metaphysicalvillain generally doesn’t know his way about. He is a below-average citizen. He enjoys abusing people on the basketball court, offending guests at cocktail parties, and vandalizing intellectual property. Among his more innocuous habits are used book-buying, jogging with head in the clouds, getting jittery on coffee, and telling his students he will get things done two days earlier than he actually will. He has joined plainhoney to seize a share of the internet’s quasi-immortality.

mouseonthemoon has found himself in a rather precarious place. There seems to be no cheese anywhere. After decades engineering and building a space ship, and millennia dreaming of a place where cheese is not stolen or hoarded, but simply is, he must now admit: he’s been a fool. But in the few seconds between disappointment and death, there is time to reflect. Mouseonthemoon is also a graduate student in English at The University of Chicago.

Peaty was born to Hephaestus and Gaia of the Northcountry and one day decided to squeeze a ruby-red ember that had hurdled from his father's anvil. Hephaestus immediately palmed the boy with one meaty paw and plunged him into the dark, cool waters of the slack-tub (formerly used for distilling Raki). Terrorized from his brush with sculpture, the child rapidly transitioned to drawing by hand and maneuvering his Etch-a-Sketch -- thus a 2-D artist was born.

S.W.K.C. In an attempt to write a Y.A. novel, the pair did not succeed.