About Plain Honey

Plain Honey is inspired by the architectural efficiency of the bee. Each comb studies a different theme, edited and organized by the comb’s pollinator.

QUOTATIONS might be the most straightforward comb. We pollinate quotations here, mostly ones we like.

MOLOCH whose love is endless oil and stone! Moloch whose soul is electricity and banks! Moloch whose poverty is the specter of genius! Moloch whose fate is a cloud of sexless hydrogen! Moloch whose name is the Mind!

RIDDLES has two very different capacities, though in both cases the riddles cannot be solved. Firstly, the comb riddles attempts to let language exert its definitive closure. These riddles are decidedly absent of a master, that is, they are riddles in that the authorial voice is always running behind. In the second case, where the language is not so tightly wound, the riddler finds a particular object, image, or question to puzzle over.

FORSAKEN_EDIFICE is pollinated by Baby Vitruvius. He has an omnifarious knowledge of architecture, and he also has great empathy for those buildings that are overlooked, forsaken. When he has the time, we hope, he will bring all these edifices back to life.

ETCH-A-SKETCH is a kinetic compendium of visual arcana, an alternate microcosmic coordinate within the interweb.

NOT-I is the solipsistic presence within the hive mind of this honeycomb. as such, it always mistakes its own identity. a demon rather than legion, it is also a limit which its pollinator must concede to Samuel Beckett and of course. . . what? . . the buzzing? . . yes . . . all the time buzzing . . . so-called . . . in the ears . . . though of course actually . . . not in the ears at all

COPROPHAGIA can be loosely defined as the eating of 'your' own shit. This is where we indulge, discuss, and think about pop-culture.

WORKING_TITLE is where you can find small or large pieces of fiction. Each piece will include an abstract introducing you to the work in progress.

CONCEPTS is certainly a work in progress. Concepts is the first multi-layered comb. Click on concepts and you will find another series of combs: a list of thinkers, philosophers, etc.
Click on one of these men or women and another set of combs appears, this time the famous concepts attributed to the chosen thinker, philosopher, etc. For example, Concepts leads to Hegel which then leads to his concept the Notion. Concepts also leads to Lacan which then leads to his concept objet a. Of course, Lacan should also lead to jouissance, "Name-of-the-Father", between two deaths, etc. We need help with this comb....

My child, my sister,
Think of the rapture
Of living together there!
Of loving at will,
Of loving till death,
In the land that is like you!
The misty sunlight
Of those cloudy skies
Has for my spirit the charms,
So mysterious,
Of your treacherous eyes,
Shining brightly through their tears.

There all is order and beauty,
Luxury, peace, and pleasure.

Gleaming furniture,
Polished by the years,
Will ornament our bedroom;
The rarest flowers
Mingling their fragrance
With the faint scent of amber,
The ornate ceilings,
The limpid mirrors,
The oriental splendor,
All would whisper there
Secretly to the soul
In its soft, native language.

There all is order and beauty,
Luxury, peace, and pleasure.

See on the canals
Those vessels sleeping.
Their mood is adventurous;
It's to satisfy
Your slightest desire
That they come from the ends of the earth.
— The setting suns
Adorn the fields,
The canals, the whole city,
With hyacinth and gold;
The world falls asleep
In a warm glow of light.

There all is order and beauty,
Luxury, peace, and pleasure.