Mellifluous Cocktail to Soothe the Apiary Blues: the BeeGarita

by Peaty

Pollinators, feel free to buzz on this one at home. Pleazzze, just bee responsible! – Peaty

Peaty’s BeeGarita Recipe

* 2 shots of choice Tequila
* 1/3rd shot of Cointreau
* 1 fresh squeezed lime (tone down lime quantity if you have a sweet tooth and/or hate sours)
* 1/4 fresh squeezed lemon wedge
* Dash of homemade honey syrup (please see:
Combine in mixer and shake on the rocks. Meanwhile, prepare the rim of your glass with freshly ground sea salt. Strain mixture into your glass over the rocks — preferably your favorite apiary glass (as pictured). Enjoy.
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