by J.R.

A mosquito landed on the 2nd Regiment of the Royal Guard in battle with the Legion Nostradominitus, a vigilante group sworn to protect the virginity of Satan. It began to find parts of skin that were exposed to the shredded spectrum of daylight in the growing dim of agony. It found many spots to snack. Timmy, a red-haired chap from Devon was bit; and then Steven from Liverpool, on his calloused thumb. The Nostradominiti charged forth, encouraged by the sapping of blood from their enemy.

A flare was sent off and landed in the pitch dark night.

Fair Mosquito was drunk on blood, and his friends left him for the trees.

A few bodies wriggled, but no noise.

On April 5th the headlines declared, “Far be it for me!” And the streets ran red with celebration underneath a grey cloud.


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