My Thinker’s Gamble (don’t know what…)

by H.B.

My Lover’s Gamble (… that is)


Do you love someone or do you love some-thing about someone?

Is it true love or is it an illusion?

Had to be a philosopher that thought up “true love”.

Had to be.

Tracing it back to some thing is not a mere homicidal gesture

against love,

but is its challenge and its tease: “let’s see

how you can get out of that one!” the thinker tells


“let’s see if you can take “what” you give; make it into

a “what”,

and see what happen(s)”. It’s a gamble, no

question. We thinkers, on these terms, live truly the edge (because

we suspect our limited engagement to be finite,

but then also become addicted to its emerging truths:

They are beauty and happiness and depth —

love’s treacherous companions). buzz...
  1. J.R. Feb. 10th, 2013

    Was it a philosopher or a priest who invented ‘true love’?

  2. H.B. Feb. 10th, 2013

    This is a good question for which I cannot supply a good answer – mainly because the former ‘good’ is not exactly the same as the latter. Same ambivalence goes for “true” I think:
    I’d risk saying that, in a Nietzschean reading, the priest would say “true” in the former sense and the philosopher in the latter(?)

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